Finding international, exotic and cuisine specific ingredients in Devonport

The more global the world becomes, the more we have access to great recipes from around the world. The problem is, they aren’t always readily available on our supermarket shelves. Have you ever spent the good part of a day trying to find a specific ingredient for a recipe? Maybe you had to spend an […]

Is your Christmas all wrapped up?

Your Christmas Tree isn’t up yet.  It’s not too late! Do you go with a live tree, something out of a box, or go a completely different way?  Christmas is a great time of year to get your creative juices flowing, and there are some great options around Devonport where you can find the perfect […]

Fill your Esky

woman with esky and water bottle

Now that the weather is warming up, it’s the perfect time to go on a road trip and fill up your Esky with some beautiful local produce. Devonport is set within the fertile soil of the Mersey-Forth valley and has an abundance of exceptional produce and stunning scenery. Apart from being prepared when you come […]

Just a stone’s throw …

For nature lovers, Devonport is the perfect place to base yourself when exploring the North West of Tasmania. There are a huge variety of day trips that are accessible from the City, whether you want to go West to Stanley and Arthur River, South to Sheffield and Cradle Mountain or East to Latrobe. There is […]

Last Minute Father’s Day Ideas

It’s Father’s Day this Sunday! You forgot all about it! It’s far too late to turn to online shopping.  Don’t worry, we have a great selection of local businesses that have you covered, whatever your budget. Visit the new shop front for Torque Gear for Guys in Stewart Street (formerly Star Channel).  They are getting […]

Shopping for the Weird and Wonderful in Devonport

Do you want to take your shopping trip from a necessary chore to an awe-inspiring excursion? You can’t help but stop and explore shops that sell the weird and wonderful. As well as many of the national chain stores you’d expect in a city of this size, Devonport has many beautiful boutique shops to discover […]

New Cradle Coast Virtual Market Place Launched

Buying Local and Buying Online don’t have to be opposing ideas.  One of the exciting initiatives to come out of our recent COVID-19 is the recently launched Cradle Coast Market online shopfront for North West retailers, market operators, artisans, musicians, and service providers. Courtesy of a grant from the Tasmanian government, Business Northwest and the […]

Post COVID Business

With the craziness of the pandemic that quarantined the world, some businesses around Devonport have faced the changes head on. The crisis has brought new opportunities for business to explore new directions. Pearl Oyster has been reopened and rebranded to Marion Storm.  The same owners still share their love for quality produce, preferably the local […]

Fishing in Devonport

man holing fishing rod

Stage 2 of Tasmania’s recovery will start from this Friday, June 5th at 3.00pm – just in time for the long weekend! What better way of getting back outdoors with the family than a fishing trip within Devonport. Devonport’s location on the Mersey River means there is always fun to be had – either dropping […]

Mother’s Day for 2020

Mother’s Day is going to be a little different this year. Mother’s Day is usually celebrated with family outings to brunch, spas or family get-togethers in homes – and accompanied by plenty of in-person hugs and kisses. But as the coronavirus pandemic restricts where we can go, and makes social distancing a new norm, many […]