Discover hidden artworks in Devonport

Devonport City Council

Wander the streets and laneways of Devonport and you might just come across some secret street art.

Exterior walls, toilet blocks and laneways feature large and small creations by local Devonport artists. Many have been created by the Devonport Regional Gallery’s young artist group, the DROOGS under mentorship from a facilitating artist or as part of the annual Reclaim The Lane Youth Week celebrations. Some have been initiated by businesses looking to add character to their block or by promising artist looking for a public canvas.

Just like the famous street art in Melbourne, the art is ever evolving so don’t be surprised if the mural has changed, expanded or dissappeared when you next visit. For that is the nature of street art and it adds to the allure.

You will wonder how you ever walked that way previously without noticing them.

  1. Artist: Tara Felts, ‘Fill Me up with Hope’ – Hidden Gallery Project, 2017
  2. Artist: Ben Miller, ‘Consumption’ – Hidden Gallery Project, 2017
  3. Artist: Brain Foetus (Laura McMahon) – Hidden Gallery Project, 2017
  4. Artist: Emma Magnusson-Reid – Reclaim the Lane, 2018
  5. Artist: Josh Foley – Reclaim the Lane, 2016
  6. Artist: Unknown. ‘This Lane is Yours’ – Reclaim the Lane, National Youth Week, 2011
  7. Facilitating Artist: Megan Walch with The Droogs,   ‘The Robinson Studio’,  2017
  8. Artist: Tara Felts, 2019
  9. Artist: Tom O’Hern ‘The ocean doesn’t want me’ – Hidden Gallery Project, 2017
  10. Facilitating Artist:  Katie Houghton-Ward with The Droogs – Devonport Bookshop, 2016
  11. Artist: Unknown – Passport Surf – 2015
  12. Artist: The Droogs (Angeline Drury, James Kennedy, Manisha Kernan, Ying Yang, Molly Turner and Uyen) – paranaple arts centre stairwell, 2019