DIY Devonport: Recreating Popular Trends in the Coastal Tasmanian City 

Devonport City Council

The internet is a wonderful, inspiring place. We can gain inspiration for style, décor and food in just a few minutes of scrolling. However, when you’re looking to bring in those trends to your own life, all the Amazon links can be overwhelming and disheartening. If you want to find trendy items and shop local, this guide should help you find the items and trends you’ve seen on TikTok, Instagram and Pinterest right here in Devonport. Whether it’s LED lights or innovative paint jobs, there’s something for everyone. 

Paint trends – how to and where to? 

If you’re keen on the painted arch trend, contact the staff at PaintRightInspiration Paints or Porter’s Paints to select the right colour and get advice on how to do it. Dakota Johnson’s famous green kitchen may have you wistfully imagining your own cupboards in the leafy hue, and these stores can help you realise your wildest green dreams.  

LED lights 

Who doesn’t want to be able to change the colour of their room with the click of one button? You’ll find LED strip lights in the Devonport Kmart and Harvey Norman. Although the popular galaxy projector doesn’t seem to be available locally, lots of stores have products not listed online – so maybe by having a look around town you’ll find your TikTok décor in a galaxy not so far, far away.  


Maybe it’s COVID’s effect on society. Maybe it’s a new era. Either way, people are more interested than ever in crystals and their properties. They’re more than just pretty rocks – they have strong roles in spirituality and if you’re looking to learn about them, try going to the Magic of Maggies, where you’ll find all your spirituality needs met. There is also lots of clothing available here for those inclined towards grunge fashion and earthy tones. Anyone else getting Twilight vibes here? Guess you’ll just have to head in store to find out where all of these great items have been, loca. 

Vintage style posters 

Posters, posters, posters. The timeless décor piece of every teenager, student and movie fan. Vintage style posters are having a moment of popularity, especially botanical posters. A hop, skip and jump out of Devonport, Reliquaire boasts a stunning collection of posters and vintage-style wrapping paper with DIY poster-making sets available.


Hoping to hang Vinyls on your walls for some groovy 70s style décor? Devonport has you covered. From the new records at Sanity to old records, there is an array of options. There are also many op shops in Devonport, so try your hand at the stocks of Vinnies, Salvos, City Mission and Red Cross. The Antique Emporium has records on level 1, so check them out if you’re keen on authentic 70’s vibe. 

Tote bags

For those who want a bag without having a handbag, or even just a great reusable shopping bag, tote bags are a fantastic on-trend item. You’ll find some tote bags from an array of places but we noticed some at Hill Street Grocer, Passport Surf and Reliquaire recently. It’s Tote-ally on trend.  



Minimalism has had its time in the sun, now maximalism gets to shine. For goodies to fill up your walls, get creative and find unique pieces around Devonport. The Devonport Regional Gallery is a great starting place with art, and some for purchase. Under the Oak in Ulverstone has locally made art and wall features that you can fit in. You can also find local artists and browse their art directly: try investigating the artists of North West Art Circle and social media. The op shops may also host second hand art and frames that you can put your own artistic creations and treasured photographs into. Hill Street Grocer and Just For You Homewares have a lot of trendy, artistic items to fill up your shelves and side tables in line with a maximalist décor style. 

Gingham & Check bedsets 

If you’re a Pinterest regular, you may have spotted the chic check and gingham bedsets on Korean minimalist bedroom inspiration. The comments are full of users asking where to buy the sheets, but here in Devonport we have the answer. Try going to Mr. Wolf for a variety of gingham and check bedsets to contribute to your dream Pinterest room.

Dark Academia 

If you fancy yourself to be an intellectual, or would like to pore over the archives at Cambridge University you may subscribe to a dark academia aesthetic. If you want to bring this aesthetic into your home, Mr. Wolf has a range of items that fit the vibe perfectly. Ceramic busts, framed butterflies, brass door handles – you can find it all there. The Devonport Bookshop is also a great spot to find books to fill up your shelves and fill up your mind. If this is still not satisfying your taste for dark and ornate décor, hunt through the wares of the Antique Emporium to find genuine vintage items.  

That concludes our trend analysis in Devonport – we hope we’ve been able to help you find trendy items locally to support our incredible businesses and improve your home. If there’s other trends you’d like to see a local how-to blog on, feel free to message us on @visitdevonport on Instagram or Alternatively, if you’re a business with relevant stock please also message us for a potential feature.