Easter Inspiration

Devonport City Council

For those of us celebrating Easter, it’s an exciting time of year. Family, chocolate, cooler weather, cute bunnies and a holiday – wait, did I mention chocolate already? Devonport is a pretty amazing place to celebrate Easter. Even if you’re of a different faith or simply without one, here’s some ideas on enjoying the best chocolate of the year and the public holidays.  



Lots of people go camping over the Easter break. And why not? The weather isn’t too cool yet, there’s time off school & work and our state has such beautiful camping spots. Here in Devonport, locals and tourists both love Horsehead Creek – a great spot for RVs and caravans. With access to the Mersey River and picnic tables, why not have your Easter lunch here?


A Lot of Chocolate 

For your standard Cadbury, Darrell Lea or Nestle Choccies, Devonport boasts IGAs, Coles and Woolworths, along with a No Frills Supermarket and FoodWorks. If you’re looking for something more local, why not head to cult favourite Anvers just outside of Devonport? Keep an eye on local cafes & boutiques for any other hidden Easter gems (and let us know so we can add them!) Hill Street and the Asian Grocer in Four Ways will have you sorted for imported gems, and Health Food Stores like Natures Works and the Health Nut can help you with sugar-free options. 


Hot & Cross Bunnies 

These traditional baked goods are fantastic way to eat a seasonal breakfast or support local bakers. Why not head to local bakery All Things Nice? For a chain feel, try Banjos in the mall or Hennessy’s Bakehouse in the Woolies arcade.  


Need Sunday plans? 

You may find yourself looking for something Easter-y to do on Sunday the 17th, “Easter Sunday”. Zest Café and Bake House is open on the Sunday, and Don Market is hosting a special Easter market. For little ones, Fairy Tales and Pirate Sales is hosting an Easter fun event in the party room between 11am and noon, or perhaps a special Don River Railway trip may satisfy the Easter Bunny craving. Finally, if you’re looking for an Easter Sunday service, check out the timetable of a Devonport church of your preferred denomination.