Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas – Devonport, Tasmania

Devonport City Council

Got a special someone in your life but haven’t organised anything for Valentine’s Day yet? Don’t stress- we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of businesses doing Valentine’s Day specials, gifts and events. Note: some of these may be booked out. Please enquire with the businesses to ensure your plans are in order ahead of 14 February.

Drift Cafe

Drift is doing a ready-to-picnic platter box with Tassie food. For $75 you can pick up a romantic platter from Drift for you and your special person – add on another $20 for a picnic blanket included to keep!


House of Anvers

Prefer sweet over savoury? The House of Anvers is doing Valentine’s Day cakes in beautiful shades of pink and red. Whether you prefer heart shaped or circle shaped, show your love with this locally made treat and place an order ASAP.


So Silver

So Silver is offering romantic jewellery options for sweethearts and long-time loves alike – pop into their store to see what their options are for a traditional, yet special gift.


Firestorm Tacos and Bar

Located in the heart of the Market Square precinct, Firestorm Tacos and Bar are offering a special couple’s grazing evening. Check out their website here to find remaining slots for a truly romantic evening of drinks and spicy cuisine.


Fairy Tales and Pirate Sails

For only $40, Fairy Tales and Pirate Sails are offering a cupid at your lover’s door – message their Facebook page to ensure your message is shared by a love-angel themselves.


Windows on Westella

We won’t waffle on too much about this – but Windows on Westella is doing a Valentine’s Day Waffle night from 4-8pm, perfect for lovers who work in the daytime. Book on their page here: Windows on Westella | Facebook