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Devonport Visitor Information Centre

Devonport’s Visitor Information Centre is one of Tasmania’s gateway Visitor Centres. Now located in the paranaple arts centre, a refurbished Heritage building in the heart of Devonport. Along with friendly visitor services, inside the paranaple arts centre you will also find the Devonport Regional Gallery and Town Hall Theatre.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm, Saturday 9.00am to 2pm.

Address: paranaple arts centre, Market Square, 145-151 Rooke Street, Devonport

(parking available: CBD multilevel car park, Fenton Way, or if travelling with a trailer/caravan, RV parking is available in Fenton Way or the Victoria Parade boat ramp car park)

Phone: Freecall 1800 649 514


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Best Times to Visit

Tasmania has four distinct seasons. For many visitors, seasonal experiences are one of the main reasons to visit.

Summer is beach holiday time – It’s the busiest time of the year so book well in advance to secure accommodation in the most popular areas. Many families head to the coastal regions to make the most of sun, surf and sand or inland regions to explore walking trails and cool off in waterfalls and rivers. The weather is moderate with top temperatures ranging from 17-23 degrees celsius.

Autumn is one of the best touring and walking seasons with calm sunny days, cool crisp evenings and lots of autumn colours thanks to the early settlers’ love of European trees. 

Winter is the time to relax indoors by a log fire, indulge in beachfront winter storm watching or visit pristine alpine national parks. Winter temperatures top 3-11 degrees and snow is plentiful on elevated peaks such as Cradle Mountain and Mount Roland with the occasional ground cover down to 400 metres above sea level.

Spring welcomes the return of longer, warmer days accompanied by fresh cool nights. It’s the season of blooming gardens in the grounds of renowned historic houses and the explosion of trout and other fish in highland rivers and lakes.

Travel Tips

Tasmania is a state in the commonwealth of Australia.

International flights do no arrive directly into Tasmania, therefore travellers visiting Tasmania will have passed through immigration on entry into a mainland port.

Tasmania can be accessed via air and sea. Flights into Devonport airport are using Qantas airlines, Devonport airport is 10km from Devonport city centre. Car hire and taxi services are available on your arrival into Devonport airport.

Devonport is the home port of the Spirit of Tasmania I & II passenger and vehicle ships sailing daily between Melbourne and Devonport. Passengers are able to travel with or without vehicle and ships feature cabins and recliners, a number of bars, restaurants and entertainment areas and both day and evening sailings are available.


Tasmania has some of the world’s most stringent biosecurity regulations. Please help us retain Tasmania’s disease-free status by ensuring that when you visit you are not carrying or importing any restricted items.

Please make yourself familiar with what you can and cannot bring into Tasmania.


Increasingly in Tasmania, accommodation providers are equipped to cater for people with disabilities and their carers.

Before deciding where to stay, we recommend you contact the business and discuss your special needs and their level of access.

Our main cities are wheelchair aware with kerb and footpath standards in main commercial areas allowing ease of use.

Tourism Australia provides information about Tasmania in a number of languages for international travellers.

Visitor Information Throughout the Region

Devonport Visitor Centre thumbnail

Devonport Visitor Centre

Address: 145 Rooke Street, Devonport
Phone: 0364202900
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Latrobe Visitor Information Centre

Address: 21 George Street, Latrobe
Phone: 0364262240
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Sheffield Visitor Information Centre

Address: Pioneer Crescent, Sheffield
Phone: 0364911179
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Ulverstone Visitor Information Centre

Address: 50 Main Street, Ulverstone
Phone: 0364252839