You’d Better Be-Leaf it: Autumnal Guide to Devonport

Devonport City Council

Autumn may be the most beautiful season of the year, depending on if you’re more inclined toward changing leaves or blooming flowers. Looking to make the most of this season? Check out our list of great Autumn activities here in Devonport.


Pop down to Don River and enjoy the changing leaves at Dell Luck Reserve. Why not take the whole family for a picnic or plein air painting before the leaves are all gone?

Ah, Autumn. A time of harvest, plenty, and cuisine. The Tasmanian Food and Wine conservatory currently has a pop-up in Steele street. Check out their wares and score yourself some deluxe snacks.

  • Head to Spreyton Cider Co to enjoy the results of the apple harvest

We aren’t called the Apple Isle for nothing! Spreyton Cider in the Devonport municipality always make good use of their apples, by turning them into award-winning cider. Go for a tasting, a shop or even just a squiz, you’re sure to find something you like.

  • Make the most of the remaining warmth and swim at East Devonport Beach

With March drawing to a close, you might be keen for one last swim before the ocean becomes unbearably icy. Head down to East Devonport Beach for some beautiful ocean scenery and a gentle swim.

  • Watch the landscape change at the Arboretum

Deciduous trees in town not floating your boat? The Tasmanian Arboretum located in Eugenana is sure to have a tree to tickle your fancy. With rare trees from all over the world, the Arboretum turns into a red and orange wonderland every year.

  • Try a local Leaping Goat coffee or Anvers hot chocolate to stay warm on a windy day

The winds quickly whip up here in North-West Tassie, leaving locals and tourists feeling chilly. Warm up by trying Leaping Goat Coffee from Spreyton or Anvers Hot Chocolate – all locally made.

  • Browse our fantastic new and second hand stores for a wind-proof jacket or raincoat

Caught in a wild weather jam? Head into a new or second hand clothing store in town for a weather-appropriate outer layer. From Kathmandu to Salvos to Bliss Boutique, there’s an option for everyone.

  • Get on the Spirit of Devonport and travel to the other side, no matter where you’re based

No matter which side of Devonport you’re based on, try something new and hop onto the Spirit of Devonport to discover if the grass truly is greener on the other side. Head over solo or with a friend to discover cafes, stores and sights.

  • Start practicing for Devonport jazz

Devonport Jazz is only in July – so pick up your trumpet, play your piano or tune your guitar ahead of the annual festival of music. With an exciting program of dancing, singing and jazz-y fun, Devonport is set to be treated to a great season of music.