Bird Hide Walk

Bird Hide Walk

​​The Bird Hide Walk is a walk with Narawntapu National Park.

30 minutes return, 2 km. Grade 1.

​​The Bird Hide Walk is a short stroll over well a formed track, which takes you through banksia scrub and a tall paperbark swamp. As you walk along the track, (particularly in the warmer months)​ keep your eyes open for our resident copper head snakes! They like to keep themselves cool and close to their tucker in the shelter of the swamp or sunbathe on the track. If you listen, you will hear the sound of their prey as the little frogs call in the distance.

With a little luck and good timing when you near the bird hide, there is an addition to the symphony of the paperbark swamp, as life on the lagoon calls. Among the many birds spotted from the hide (depending on the time of year) are ducks, herons, swans, cormorants, coots, bitterns, grebes and many more.​ Bring along your binoculars, guide books, ​a keen set of eyes and ears or just enjoy the relaxing stroll.

Please refer to the Parks and Wildlife Service Tasmania website ( for up-to-date information about this walk, alerts, closures, safe walking guidelines, leave no trace principles and National Park entry fees where applicable.