Nine Nifty Things to do in Devonport for Free 2021

Devonport City Council
Whether you’re watching your budget or a teenager looking for something to do on the weekend, there’s lots to do in Devonport that is free. From exploring the great outdoors to activities undercover for rainy days, here are 9 ideas of what you can do for free in Devonport in 2021.  


  • 1. Watch a film with the North West Film Society 

That’s right, the North West Film Society occasionally screens films for free in the paranaple convention centre for free. All you need to do is book, and you’ll be watching a fantastic film for free in no time. Although certain films require a paid membership to view, there are plenty of free films offered each year, with Goodbye Christopher RobinCousins and Julie and Julia upcoming this spring for free: Upcoming Films | North West Film Society (


  • 2. Settle down with a good book or attend an event at the Devonport Library 

Public libraries host a wealth of knowledge and opportunity that is highly underrated in modern society. Why not settle down with a good book looking out over Devonport in the newly built paranaple centre. The Library also has a range of free activities for families and individuals alike. Check What’s on Devonport and the library website to find out more. These sessions are varied and extremely interesting – you can make pom poms, learn about the basics of family history or learn about cybersecurity, all from the Devonport Library (


  • 3. Watch the waves crash over the rocks at the Mersey Bluff 

The beautiful rocks at Mersey Buff provide a great place to view the waves, have a picnic or go fishing, all for free. Grab your blanket or fishing rod and enjoy the fresh sea air at the Bluff. As an important palawa cultural site, you’ll be immersed in the pre-colonisation history and landscape of Devonport. Wander around to see rock carvings or stand beneath the impressive white and red lighthouse for the views of a lifetime. Even take a few snaps of the view and tag #DevonportTas for a chance to be featured on our Instagram story. Just check the weather conditions, and the Bluff’s majesty awaits you.  


  • 4. Witness local and national talent in the Devonport Regional Gallery  

If you’re looking for inspiration, look no further than the Devonport Regional Gallery , With touring and local exhibitions changing over regularly across the three galleries, this free option is viable all year round. Make a small entry donation if you choose, but this option is a great free or very cheap activity in Devonport.  


  • 5. Find an upcoming market 

Markets are abundant in Devonport and surrounding areas: check out the Don market on most Sundays, Twilight Markets at Providore Place and Devonport Showground Farmers’ Market and expos for something free and fun to do. Trawling through either the What’s On Devonport website, Devonport Events Facebook page or general Facebook events will help point you to such markets.  


  • 6. Watch the Spirit come in  

Stand on the shores and witness the stunning Spirit of Tasmania ship enter the Mersey River. It will leave you in good spirits, so to say. Waving in visitors can give them a warm welcome to Tasmania and be fun for small children. Watching the Spirit turn around is also great entertainment – grab some takeaway or bring some tea and watch it turn around in the evening.


  • 7. Go to an exhibition opening at RANT Arts 

RANT Arts offer some fantastic displays of art, with ArtRage and Paper on Skin currently showing. They host exhibition openings with light refreshments – all you need to do is register for the event, which you can do on Eventbrite. This is a great free way to meet other community members with an interest in the arts and discover local talent.  


  • 8. Watch something on the screen in Market Square 

Settle down in front of the screen in Market Square, where the news or cricket may be showing. It’s a great way to enjoy both screen time and fresh air, and you may make a friend or two with fellow viewers! 


  • 9. Deep dive into history at the Antique Emporium  

Whether you’re looking to buy collectables or simply enjoy the atmosphere of history, the Antique Emporium on Formby Road is a great way to spend a few hours. If you can imagine it, it’s there. From an old lolly shop to stamps and postcards, there is enough in this store to keep you occupied.