Shopping for the Weird and Wonderful in Devonport

Devonport City Council

Do you want to take your shopping trip from a necessary chore to an awe-inspiring excursion? You can’t help but stop and explore shops that sell the weird and wonderful.

As well as many of the national chain stores you’d expect in a city of this size, Devonport has many beautiful boutique shops to discover and enjoy. If you have some time on your hands and you want to find the perfect gift, collectable or treasure that you never knew you needed, here are just some of the exciting options in Devonport.

The Antiques Emporium is Tasmania’s largest antique and collectables store. It boasts four levels of treasures both new and old. Housing gems from 40 dealers, you can find antiques, collectables, vintage, retro, 15,000 old books, French styled furniture, exclusive wrought iron and more. There is a bonanza of discovery around every corner. When visiting The Antiques Emporium, you should expect the unexpected.

The Magic of Maggies, in the Rooke Street Mall, have an extensive product range of New Age gifts, crystals, singing bowls, jewellery, salt lamps, wind chimes, and animal, dragon and fairy figurines. Be inspired by a selection of self-help books, meditation CD’s, and greeting cards.

Discover Tasmania calls Simon Martin Whips & Leathercraft ”a one-of-a-kind shop”. Simon began the business focused on manufacturing his own brand of products, but the retail store in Spreyton now includes a huge range of quality products from a number of manufacturers. Even if you’re not in the market for a whip or a saddle, you will be delighted by the selection of leather goods, clothing and boots, floor rugs and leather care items.

Another unique and eclectic shop, Once Upon a Time Boutique is located in Southern Rooke Street. The shop stocks an amazing range of new, quality pre-loved, handmade, vintage and collectables. Once Upon A Time Boutique has four rooms over two floors stocked with a collection of items spanning decades, from vintage and retro, to modern and contemporary, you’ll spend hours browsing through this little shop of treasures.

Take some time to delve into these treasure troves and take home a unique acquisition.